Gold Leaf Art

A painting with a gold leaf finish has a timeless elegance. A subtle yet captivating brilliance is created as the golden sheen catches the light. The fine texture of the canvas is accentuated by the gold, adding an extra layer of depth to the painting. The combination of artistic craftsmanship and the noble sheen of the gold leaf lends the artwork a touch of luxury and exclusivity.

Goldleafing is a delicate process, but I love it!

For my paintings I use so-called composition gold, also known as schlag metal or dutch metal. The material is incredibly thin, making the creative process challenging. 

Gold leafing with composition gold requires careful sealing in several layers to prevent corrosion and discolouration as these leaves are made from copper and zinc. This risk does not exist with real gold, but composition gold - properly sealed - offers an equally exclusive finish at a significantly lower material cost.


Gold leaf painting Kingfisher

Video: Acrylic paintings with gold leaf

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